7th Seminar , 1395-05-24 (2016-08-14)

Dear All,

Seventh seminar was held on Sunday, 1395-05-24 (2016-08-14), at SQRLab Laboratory. Outline of session follows:

1- Mr. Etemadi’s research talk about “Mutation operators for testing Android apps ”: about 30 min
2- Question, and Discussion: 30 min
3-Next seminar: Mr. Kholdi and Mr. Sekhavat (Bachelor students of Dr. mirian)
People attended this seminar are:
PhD: Zohreh Mafi , Mehran Rivadeh, Mohammad salehe, Mojtaba Varmazyar
MSc: Khashayar Etemadi, Ali Nosrati
Next seminar was also set on next two week at 9:00, Sunday. Mr. Etemadi will manage that session.

Mr. Etemadi’s Slides can be reached in the link below:

Mutation operators for testing Android apps

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