3rd Seminar ,1395-01-23 (2016-04-11)

Dear All,

Third seminar was held on Monday, 1395-01-23 (2016-04-11), at SQRLab Laboratory. Outline of session follows:

1- I talk about Test Driven Development: about 30 min
2- The last version of  Logo was unveiled. (thanking Mr Varmazyar)
3-Next seminar: Mr Rivadeh
People attended this seminar are (in Alphabetical order):
  1. PhD: Zohreh Mafi, Mostafa Mahdieh, Mehran Rivadeh,  Mojtaba Varmazyar
  2. MSc: Babak Barati, Sadjad Jalali, Ali Nosrati

Next seminar was also set on next two week.


Zohreh Mafi


Presentation Slides : Test Driven Development (TDD)

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